Skill Level

1 hour 10 mins



Managing the good functioning of a team can be a major challenge. Getting people to work together in a productive and respectful manner requires mastery of a number of specific skills encompassing role clarification, organisation, effective delegation and management of conflict situations.

Completing this course will help you

  • Gives you the ability to develop a highly functioning team
  • Gives you the confidence to be able to delegate effectively
  • Enables you to identify and resolve conflict quickly so it doesn’t affect the team

Who is this course for?

Those that are new to the role of Team Leader or Supervisor, current Supervisors or Managers that as a part of their day-to-day role manage others, Human Resources or People and Culture, Trainers.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Developing a Team

This micro-learning program will provide you with the fundamentals of team development and the different stages that a team experiences throughout its life cycle. It will assist you to identify where your team is at and help you to build a highly functioning team. It looks at Bruce Tuckman’s 5 stage model in a team’s development. What creates a highly functioning team? Many teams succeed, many teams fail and many hover in the middle. Where are you and where do you want your team to be? This program will answer those questions. The success of your team is reliant on you as a good leader and providing a supportive environment.

Module 2 – Successful Delegation

This micro-learning program will provide you with the fundamentals behind being an effective delegator. It explores how to overcome your reluctance to delegate, provides you with a 5-step process for effective delegation and it concludes with looking at a Delegation Plan for helping you to decide the tasks to delegate.

Module 3 – Identifying and Addressing Internal Conflict

This micro-learning module will give you fundamental skills to identify conflict, understand why conflict takes place, identify the stages that it moves through, develop strategies for addressing internal conflict and reflect and learn from each situation.

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