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Recruitment Services

  • We have over 20 years of VET sector experience and our network provides us with the tools to source the most appropriate employee for you.

  • Our recruitment service charges are split into two:

    • A Service Fee​ - A flat fee, this covers all of our services as listed below in the Service Fee section

    • A Placement Fee - We back our performance and as such, this fee is only payable if you decide to proceed with one of our candidates. 

20 years experience

Service Fee

  • Initial consultation to determine business needs

  • Position description development

  • Job postings and promotion

  • Head hunting services

  • Rigorous screening of applicants and development of shortlist

  • Pre-interviews with promising candidates

  • Regular reporting on progress of recruitment and candidate shortlist

  • Due diligence (reference checks, online profile analysis)

  • Contract offer management


Placement Fee

  • We stand by our ability to find the right candidate for your organisation. As such, the placement fee only becomes payable if we find you someone and you offer them employment. For package offers below $75,000, this is a flat fee of $1500.

  • For package offers between $75,000 gross and $119,999 gross, this fee is $2500. 

  • Package offers over $120,000 gross incur a placement fee of $3500.