Managing the transition from a superseded qualification

RTO managing transition from superseded qualification

Managing the transition from superseded training products can be a complicated and time-consuming process for RTOs. From time to time, training packages are reviewed and updated to improve the clarity and consistency of the training materials and to be brought in line with current industry practices. This often leads to the replacement of existing qualifications […]

Evidence of Participation

Skills First evidence of participation EOP

According to the Audit and Assurance Findings Report by the Department of Education, Evidence of Participation (EOP) made the top 5 most common issues identified at audit. Make sure you’re on top of your EOP obligations!

2023 Changes to Skills First

2023 Skills First funding contract changes announcement

In an effort “to increase the ability of Victorians to reskill and to continue to participate in an evolving economy”, the Department of Education and Training announced that significant changes will apply to the Skills First eligibility settings from 1st January 2023. These changes include the removal of two of the limitations (“upskilling” and “two […]